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'You are always so stuck on landmarks and geography. Places are more than just GPS coordinates. Sometimes, they overlap.’ -  Kathleen Peacock, Thornhill (via book-blogandquotes)


Reading changes us - T. Michael Martin

2nd poster for Epic Reads!

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Faking It (Losing It) (Cora Carmack)

- Highlight on Page 49 | Loc. 709-10

I hated when people said that, like it assumed strength and being a male were synonymous. There was strength in being a woman.

 -Max (in reference to being told she has balls of steel)

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Sex rolled of the man in waves, and I was surprised to find how interested I was in learning how to swim. - Bliss Edwards ‘Losing It’ (via mismoamor)

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  • 1: book that you loved immediatley
  • 2: book that had to slowly grow on you
  • 3: book that completely surprised you
  • 4: book you'd recommend to everyone
  • 5: book you love that most people don't
  • 6: book you disliked that everyone else loved
  • 7: book with great plot but poor characters
  • 8: book with great characters but weak plot
  • 9: the perfect package book (great plot and characters)
  • 10: do you prefer character-driven or plot-driven?
  • 11: series or stand alones?
  • 12: series whose sequels are better than first
  • 13: series whose first is better than the rest
  • 14: book that made you cry
  • 15: book you found because of it's cover
  • 16: book that challenged you
  • 17: very quotable book
  • 18: book you stayed up all night to finish
  • 19: book that got you interested in a genre
  • 20: open ended endings or complete closure?
  • 21: book that needs to become a movie
  • 22: book you hope hollywood stays away from
  • 23: book that made you want to something you didn't want to do before
  • 24: book that you'd like to reread
  • 25: book that's only enjoyable once
  • 26: book with great concept but falls short
  • 27: book with over used concept but done right
  • 28: guilty pleasure book
  • feel free to use!
A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. 
The man who never reads lives only one.

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But something happened. Something Freddie never talked about. Something bad. Lots of people have bad stories, and if they wail and sob and tell their story to anyone who’ll listen, it’s crap. Or half crap, at least. The stuff that really hurts people, the stuff that almost breaks them… that they won’t talk about. Ever. - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, April Genevieve Tucholke (via marcyj)



Molly made this for a post at YALSA’s The Hub — it’s worth checking out, because there are lots of additional titles in the comments! 

These are available — or soon will be — at Lawrence Public Library! 

I spy a backlist favorite (ANNIE ON MY MIND) and a Fall 2013 book we’re excited to share with the world (FREAKBOY)!

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